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World Conference on Racism

A breath of revival was clearly palpable at the world conference on racism at Durban arising from the solidarity of the Afro-Asian peoples attending it. The success of the conference was that the African and Asian governments have been mindful of what clearly are the prevailing views of their own people

Choice 2000 - Socialism or Barbarism

The 20th century saw euphoria over capitalism, but also experiments with communism. Though the latter is in a trough at present, the 21st century will not be America's century. It will see the rise of social struggles that question the disproportionate ambitions of Washington and global capital.

US Hegemony: Need to Reshape European Politics

US intervention in Kosovo defines a new world order with the replacement of UN by NATO, the alignment of Europe with the US and military reinforcement of US hegemony. If the European project is to be salvaged from this situation, it must be on the basis of a more modest concept of a 'Europe of nations', with a friendly and non-aggressive approach to Russia, China and the third world.

Democracy against Hegemony

There can be no question of human rights and self-determination as long as the US's iron fist continues to enforce its economic preponderance.

Towards a Progressive and Democratic New World Order

New World Order Samir Amin Growing social distortions are taking a dramatic turn in the majority of countries in the west, the former eastern bloc and the south. The third world has broken apart into a group of emerging countries, which have now entered the industrial age and even developed the capacity to compete in world markets and a group of marginalised and excluded countries. The growing differentiation between these groups of countries has shattered the concept of the third world and ended the common front strategies of the Bandung era. There is currently an attempt to impose an opinion that globalisation is a take it or leave it proposition. Globalisation like everything else can be embodied in many possible alternatives defined by the balance in the relationships between nations at any given moment and behind them the specific internal social relations of these nations.

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