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Satyamurthi The Link that Snapped

Satyamurthi: The Link that Snapped S Theodore Baskaran S Satyamurthi, the nationalist leader, played an active role in establishing the unique interaction between the entertainment media and political life in Tamil Nadu which continues to this day. Had later Congress leaders sustained this association and not allowed the Dravidian movement to appropriate it, the political history of Tamil Nadu might well have been very different.


Writing about Hindu-Muslim Riots in India Today Gyanendra Pandey The dominant nationalist historiography that insists on the totalising standpoint of a seamless nationalism needs to be challenged not only because of its interested use of categories such as 'national' and 'secular' but also because of its privileging of the so-called 'general' over the particular, the larger over the smaller, the 'mainstream' over the 'marginal

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