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ASEAN and Regional Security

The question before ASEAN now is whether it should continue on its old course of mutual non-interference or re-energise itself through open political and economic debate among its member states even if it means scrutinising their internal affairs.

China: Perils of a Pressure-Cooker Society

Protest within China needs an outlet if it is not to spread throughout the country in a terrible blowout. The government is myopic to think that its suppression of protests to mark the 10th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre is a success.

New Beginnings in Fiji

Fiji's new prime minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, an ethnic Indian, faces the task of balancing the aspirations of ethnic Fijians and Indian-Fijians even as he aims at economic growth with social equity and justice. The question of landownership by Indians is likely to be a test of his political ability.

Indonesia: A Regional Tinderbox

Indonesia's perilous economic situation has fuelled a social, ethnic and religious crisis. The political situation is unstable. Worried about this, the Chinese population of Indonesia and neighbouring Singapore look to Australia to defuse the crisis.

A Japanese View of Chinese Threat

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Australia s Aboriginal Problem

professions, is a feature of the division of labour that seems well established. In a manner reminiscent of Jharkhand (and other 'tribal' areas in India) the minority nationalities are largely confined to the position of being hewers of wood and drawers of water.

Clamp Down on Press in Indonesia

S P Seth The protests against the banning of three news magazines recently is a reflection of the growing aspirations of Indonesia's new middle class for greater freedom and civil rights.

China after Deng

for the success of economic transition on the country concerned rather than on external factors or agencies.
The arguments of the IMF chief are not entirely convincing. For instance, intercountry comparisons, say between Russia and Albania, have many limitations. In the case of Russia, radical economic reforms under shock therapy were introduced in early 1992 when Russia was experiencing unprecedented political strain as a result of the break-up of the former Soviet Union, This was not the case with Albania or Poland. Secondly, the problems facing Russia in the task of politico-economic transition are far more complex and formidable considering the size of the country and the diverse ethnic, social and ideological groups working at cross-purposes. Third, the economies of Poland and the Czech republic are much more developed and per capita income in THE recent improvement in India-China relations is a welcome development. But to romanticise it, as in the 50s, is dangerous. It is important to remember that nothing substantive has been achieved on the border question and that the strategic perspectives of the two continue to diverge.

Japan s Constitutional Debate

S P Seth As the post-cold war era is catapulting Japan into playing a global role, a national debate is raging in the country on how best to amend or side-step Article 9 of the constitution which forbids it from maintaining armed forces.

Russo-Japanese Cold War

S P Seth The question of the four southern Kurile islands, occupied by the Soviet Union in 1945 continues to remain a contentious issue between Russia and Japan and may develop into an international flashpoint in the years to come.

DISARMAMENT-Nuclear War Is No Longer Improbable

a real crash programme on a war footing, as it were, drilling bore wells all over Periakulum Constituency, spending several lakhs of rupees, even though the 40 lakh city-dwellers in Madras were literally starved of drinking water during this same period.


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