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New Approach in National Accounts Statistics

New Approach in National Accounts Statistics S P Gothoskar This article examines the changes in methodology used in the CSO's New Series of National Accounts Statistics and their implications. An introduction to national income estimates of India since independence is given in Section I Section II recapitulates the revisions made in national income series since 1949-50. Some important features of the 1970 Series are examined in Section III Salient features of the New Series with emphasis on conceptual and methodological changes are given in Section IV The impact of these changes on the Seventh Plan targets are assessed in Section V The concluding section indicates the further work that is needed in compilation of national income accounts.

Factor Income Share Hypothesis and Income Growth

Factor Income Share Hypothesis and Income Growth S P Gothoskar Inter-Class Distribution and Growth of Net National Product in a Developing Economy by D P Bhatia; Concept Publishing Company, New Delhi; pp xii + 210; Rs 125.

State Income Estimates for Policy and Planning

State Income Estimates for Policy and Planning S P Gothoskar "However, it is always worthwhile to remember that the reliability of the final figures cannot be judged merely by the number of decimal places they carry, but rather from the quality of the primary data used. To quote again from an Indian judge, 'Cox, when you are a bit older, you will not quote statistics with that assurance. The government are-very keen on amassing statistics

Household Saying Behaviour

field, discusses third world "perspectives" of interdependence, without quoting or "referring to a single third world theorist or conceptualist. Probably there is none, Sushil Kumar's essay on transnational approaches to global change is no better and no worse than lecture notes to a graduate class, K P Mishra rightly identifies non-alignment as a major theory of international politics in the post-war period. But he claims too many virtues for a maiden who lost her innocence long ago and has shown her claws. Mishra does not seem to recall the wars and interventions the non- aligned have waged against the non- aligned and he claims that the non- aligned nations have not been involved in the "struggle for power" but have engaged only in influence politics". The fissures and tensions in the non-aligned bazar that furrow the foreheads of India's foreign office bureaucrats are conspicuously missing from Mishra's essay, though it was written in 1979.

Development of Regional Accounts

Development of Regional Accounts S P Gothoskar T R Venkatachalam While the UN system of national accounts is now being followed by most countries, a system of regional accounts, at a level below that of the country, has not been satisfactorily evolved.

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