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Re-emergence of Development Economics in 1990s

Re-emergence of Development Economics in 1990s S N Mishra Development Economics: From the Poverty to the Wealth of Nations by Yujiro Hayami; Oxford University Press, UK,

Agricultural Liberalisation and Development

Strategy in Ninth-Plan S N Mishra Free market advocates argue for removal of all government interventions from agricultural commodities and factor markets so as to improve allocative efficiency of resources in agriculture, induce higher private investment leading to higher growth of output, income and exports. But, looking at agricultural policy from the perspective of social objectives, this paper finds that there is no blanket case for removal of all interventions. Instead, in case of market failure such as national food security and food security for the poor, intervention in the market is necessary and desirable. AIso, there is no need for removal of ceilings on land ownership to achieve maximisation of agricultural output and employment.

Public and Private Capital Formation in Indian Agriculture-Comments on Complementarity Hypothesis and Others

Economists in the recent past have suggested that the decline in public sector capital formation in Indian agriculture is not only bad in itself, it also leads to a decline in private capital formation because there exists a high complementarity between public and private capital formation in agriculture. This would mean that if the declining trend of public sector capital formation is not reversed, prospects of agricultural growth in the country are dim.

Arunachal s Tribal Economic Formations and Their Dissolution

Arunachal's Tribal Economic Formations and Their Dissolution S N Mishra Within a 20 year time-span, the emergence of a new economic basis has given the appearance of a social revolution taking place in Arunachal. This paper examines the economic aspects of this revolution.

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