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Raising the Marriage Age for Women-A Means to Lower the Birth Rate

December 24, 1966 and to fix the subsidies according to the response. Insofar as we do not know which exports would respond to subsidy, we should begin with the abolition of all special taxes and subsidies on exports. If there has A WOMAN'S child-bearing span is generally between the ages of 15 and 45. And one of the factors that determine how many children a woman has during this period is the age at which she gets married and begins reproduction. Malthus had therefore suggested the postponement of the ago of marriage of women for reducing the pressure of population on land. The measure has the support of the Catholic population. It has also proved an important method for restricting the growth of population in Israel. In Ireland too, probably the most important reason for the slow growth of the population in recent years is the high average (nearly 27 years) age

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