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Slide-Back on Compensation-Bank Nationalisation Judgment

Bank Nationalisation Judgment S Mohan Kumaramangalam This article discusses the Supreme Court's views on compensation as expressed in its judgment in the Bank Nationalisation case since, in the authors view, they are the most significant part of the judgment.

One-Sided Debate

One-Sided Debate S Mohan Kumaramangalam The Great Debate: Language Controversy and Higher Education (Ed) A B Shah ; Lalvani Publishing House, 1968 ; pp xvi + 211, Rs 16.

Link Language for India

WHICH way is the language problem going to develop in our country? Have we not reached a deadlock, a confrontation when the people of the Hindi- speaking areas are becoming more determinedly anti-English, while in the the non-Hindi areas the anti- Hindi movement is beginning to acquire new dimensions. In 1965 it was the Tamil people alone who almost as a body moved into action against Hindi but now it has spread to Andhra and Mysore. The firings on students resorted to in Tamilnad in 1965 arc today being repeated in universities in those areas. In Kerala, though large- scale demonstrations have not taken place, the feelings among the people arc reflected in the statement of Chief Minister Namboodiripad that English must remain for the time being as the link language. In Bengal a Minister in the former Congress-supported minority Government opposed Hindi.

Governor s Power to Dismiss a Ministry

S Mohan Kumaramangalam Governors of States are appointed by the President not in exercise of his personal discretion hut on the advice of the Council of Ministers headed by the Prime Minister. Inevitably, therefore, the Governor becomes a party-man as his tenure of office can be terminated by the authority that appoints him. It would be absurd to argue that a person whose continuance in office depends on the goodwill of the Central Government will act in any way other than according to its instructions.

The Governor and His Ministers

The Governor and His Ministers S Mohan Kumaramangalam This examination of the position of the Governor in relation to the Council of Ministers leads to the conclusion that the constitutional position in regard to the situation in West Bengal is as follows:

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