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Institutional Credit and Overdues-Borrowers Angle

Borrowers' Angle A S Kahlon Discussions on the problem of mounting overdues in the agricultural sector have predominantly been conducted from the financial institution's rather than the borrower's perspective. Since, in the ultimate analysis, the finan- cial health of rural financial institutions depend on the success of rural borrowers, this paper attempts to fill the lacuna, by drawing attention to defective loan policies and procedures of lending institutions, which impair farmers' ability to repay loan, and thereby focuses on the problem from the borrowers' angle.

Eastern Region Potential, Constraints and-Development Strategies

Development Strategies A S Kahlon Karam Singh There are several constraints which have hampered the growth of the eastern region. Some of these are reflected in the socio-economic matrix of the region and will take a long time to be removed. But there are others which could possibly he removed through government policy.

Inter-Sectoral Terms of Trade

A S Kahlon D S Tyagi The debate on inter-sectoral terms of trade has of late shifted to the concrete question of whether unfavourable terms of trade have contributed to the depressed growth of the Indian agricultural sector. Some scholars hold the view that farm prices have been systematically and, perhaps, deliberately kept down while others believe that various incentives have pushed agricultural prices disproportionately upward.

Farm Mechanisation in a Labour-Abundant Economy-A Comment

Farm Mechanisation in a Labour-Abundant Economy A Comment A S Kahlon S S Grewal INDIAN AGRICULTURE, which was caught in a vicious circle of low productivity and low investment, has shown some resilience since the mid- sixties. The recent technological change was fostered through the introduction of high-yielding crop varieties and intensive use of non-conventional inputs such as fertilisers, pesticides and mechanisation in various forms.

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