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The Small in Politics

in his opinion Eastern Bengal was likely to be a great embarrassment to Pakistan''. H S Suhrawardy and Sarat Chandra Bose tried to keep Bengal united and independent of India and Pakistan but failed. Kiran Shankar Roy agreed with them but, as Mountbatten reported on June 5, Roy "had been unable to persuade the Congress High Command to allow Bengal to vote for independence''.

Trapped in Behaviouralism

socio-cultural values and power structure are bound to vary from one area to another. And there is no gainsaying that most of them can only be highlighted in the course of in-depth studies which go far beyond a large survey analysis. But Ghatak. does not seem to comprehend all these implications and it is not his casual references to socio-politico-cultural factors which can alter our fundamental impression. Unlike several much more reasoned econometricians, Ghatak seems to be only interested in quantifying whatever data can be gathered on his table on a particular topic he has selected. No wonder that we also find him constantly complaining about the lack of adequate data. This dearth of data is unmistakeably true. But the real question to ask is whether it is not premature to go ahead with refined analysis when the data base is so very narrow. In the circumstances, should we not consider giving the highest, priority to building up the badly needed data bank ? Indeed most of the conclusions reached by Ghatak are so vague and qualified with so many re- servations (of the kind: "this conclusion should be regarded as tentative and subject to further rigorous tests on the basis of fresh data", p 213) that we can legitimately raise the problem of the relevance of his approach at least in the present state of our knowledge.

Politics as only Politics

production and technical knowledge It is. to this conception of economism thai the author traces the policies of according the highest importance to the role of technicians in social organisations
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