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Is Bonus Necessary

Is Bonus Necessary ? S D Punekar IN RECENT YEARS bonus has become the most important source of friction and dispute in industrial relations. There is dispute about practically every aspect of bonus

B P T in the Dock

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister's pronouncements in Kashmir have a definitely election-eve flavour. It has long been known that, left to herself, Indira Gandhi might have tried to establish a rapport with Sheikh Abdullah

Labour Policy in the Fourth Plan

S D Punekar The immediate post-Independence period was marked by the enactment of comprehensive labour legislation and pervasive state intervention in labour matters. Though the Industrial Truce Resolution of 1947 pleaded for "the fullest co-operation between labour and management and stable and friendly relations between them" and for settlement of ail disputes "through mutual discussion", state control over labour and managment became in practice the determining factor in industrial relations.

White Collar Turns Blue

Government employees, both at the Centre and in the States, are on the warpath. Discontent among them has come to the surface in Assam, U P and Maharashtra in the last few months. Though they have not perhaps gone to extreme limits, the intense turmoil in their ranks is more and more in evidence as the economic situation gets worse and worse. Fifteen years ago we could hardly imagine middle class employees, men and women, taking out processions in the streets, holding placards and shouting slogans. It has become a familiar sight now, with the bank and insurance employees in the vanguard. 


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