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Towards an Interpretation of the Pre-Colonial Economy

Towards an Interpretation of the Pre-Colonial Economy S Bhattacharya The Cambridge Economic History of India edited by Tapan Raychaudhuri and Irfan Habib; Volume 1 : C 1200 to C 1750; Cambridge University Press, 1982; pp xvi + 543.

Paradigms Lost-Notes on Social History in India

An attempt is made in this paper to identify the dominant paradigms in the historiography of the society in modern India. A brief survey of the early developments in the area of social historiography is followed by an enquiry into the organising principles and implicit assumptions prevalent in different phases of the growth of the discipline.

Capital and Labour in Bombay City, 1928-29

This paper attempts to study the historical specificities of class conflict and consciousness in colonial India in the industrial context. This attempt is made on the basis of a study of certain long-term trends converging towards an intensification of labour-capital conflict in the Bombay textile industry and a detailed analysis of a nodal point, the strike actions of 1928-29. The paper questions some current notions about the 'irrationality' of working-class behaviour faced with technological change.

Cotton Mills and Spinning Wheels-Swadeshi and the Indian Capitalist Class, 1920-22

Cotton Mills and Spinning Wheels Swadeshi and the Indian Capitalist Class, 1920-22 S Bhattacharya The swadeshi and boycott programme of 1921 was a dramatic effort, however limited in scope (being confined primarily to cottons) and achievement, to sever the colonial-metropolitan nexus. As such it had the support of the Indian bourgeoisie as well as the masses.

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