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Rio Minus Five-UNGASS A Return to Realism

UNGASS: A Return to Realism Yash Tandon S Ananthakrishnan The UN General Assembly Special Session to review the progress made on the agreements arrived at the Rio Summit in 1992 represented in many ways a return to realism after the heady days of Rio, This also meant that the north-south divide which had been so admirably kept under surface at Rio and in the various preparatory meetings loomed large virtually derailing the Rio process and obstructing negotiations on major issues.

Freedom in the Air-Community Radio and Minorities in Norway

Freedom in the Air Community Radio and Minorities in Norway S Ananthakrishnan In the last ten years the community radio, which first made its appearance in the US as early as 1948, has become a common feature in many western countries. Hundreds of community radio stations, also called public radio or free radio stations are in operation in the US, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, UK, Belgium and in the Nordic countries. While the rise of community broadcasting in western Europe marks a stage of capitalism when the state can afford to tolerate and contain decentralised initiatives the community radio is a good example of how new technologies can be used to advantage to challenge the dominant mode of communication. The article reviews the role and performance of community radio particularly in Norway, where it was first introduced on an experimental basis in 1981. Mainly used by christian groups in the beginning, the neighbourhood radio as it is known there, has been used effectively by minority immigrant groups as well as feminists not only maintain a communication flow from the majority to the minorities but also to disseminate ideas that are unlikely to be communicated by the mainstream media.
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