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Sangha, State and Economic Interests

Sangha, State and Economic Interests Romila Thapar Robe and Plough: Monasticism and Economic Interest in Early Medieval Sri Lanka by R A L H Gunawardana; University of Arizona

Communalism and the Writing of Indian History

It is not usual for the authors of a book to comment at length upon a review of their writing. We have however decided to do this because Sudhir Chandra (A Counterpoint of Preconceptions," December 27, 1969, pp 1981- 83) has seriously distorted our views.

A Dynamic View of Early Indian Society

Early Indian Society and Economy by R. S, Sharma; Manaktalas, Bombay, 1966; pp. ix + 168. Rs 22.50. The book is a collection of essays some of which have been published earlier. The essays are all concerned with some aspect of the society and economy of India from its earliest beginnings upto about 1200 A.D. At a first glance the choice of subjects seems quite casual, but on further reading each theme takes on significance inasmuch as it is chosen with relevance to the kinds of analysis which require to be made vis-a-vis the social and economic history of ancient India.


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