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Trade Policies in Developing Countries

How best to strengthen the ability of developing countries to participate in the key current and likely future developments in the national, regional and multilateral trade arena by improving the knowledge base of trade policy and the uptake of research findings into the policy process.

Effect of Exchange Rate Variability on Trade a survey

A Survey Rohinton Medhora Since the end of the Bretton Woods system of fixed exchange rates, there has arisen a considerable literature on the effects of exchange rate variability on trade. The literature, and the model underlying it, is critically examined here. It is argued that the decisions the researcher makes

CANADA-A Royal Leap of Faith

CANADA A Royal 'Leap of Faith' Rohinton Medhora AFTER three years and $ 20 million, the Royal Commission on the Economic Union and Development Prospects for Canada has come up with a report worthy of its ponderous name. The Commission, struck during the waning days of Pierre Trudeau's Liberal government, was led by ex-Liberal Finance, and later Energy, minister, Donald Macdonald, whose $ 800 a day salary initially got more publicity than the massive mandate given him to examine just about every aspect of Canada's economic, political, and social future Paradoxically, the thirteen- member Commission, with only one dissenting view, proposes policies that the current Conservative government would feel more comfortable implementing. For the proposals have a decided market orientation about them, and lend a certain impartial credence to policies the Tories have espoused for years.
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