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Black Politics in US-Shift in Political Mood

announced recently, all advantages will be lost. A higher duty on imports means that raw material for our exports will be costlier increasing the price of exportable goods. The price rise in petroleum will result in an overall increase in prices affecting production costs, hence making our exports more costly. Thus, the price advantage which we may have gained due to the devaluation will quickly be dissipated by the subsequent substantia] price rise in the economy. The net effect on the balance of trade may well be negative as exports fall and the price and value of imports rise.

US Election Rhetoric and Reality

The low voter registration and low voter turn-out in US elections reflect deep disenchantment with the political process of large sections of the population. However, this disenchantment is not activated so as to lead to the development of effective countervailing power against the power elite.

Terrorism Past, Present and Future

Robi Chakravorti The practice of terrorism has a long history. A universally acceptable definition of terrorism as a specific form of violence is difficult to evolve.

India, Pakistan and the US Media

property was another bone of contention. A balance had to be struck between giving meaningful access to property to the 'have- nots' (who have in most instances been deprived of their right to property as a result of apartheid) without however, simply stripping the 'haves' of legitimate entitlement to property. The relevant clause provides to every person the right to acquire and hold rights in property.

New Policy of Containment

The objective of US foreign policy from now on would be to shape the world order so that the basic structural criticisms of US interests are neutralised. This is likely to be attempted through a 'soft co-optation 'of leaders and groups in the third world countries.

UNITED STATES-One Country, Two Nations

AISA made a beginning in this direction by sending representatives of its JNU unit to the 'chhatra mahakumbh' at Allahabad, the month-long Rozgar Yatra in UP and the ASIA extension yatra in Himachal Pradesh. This raised AISA's stock among the students of JNU and contrary to the media hype it emerged as the strongest opponent of the Hindutva brigade on the campus.

US and West Asia Silencing Dissent

The powerful and highly intelligent Israeli lobby groups in the US with the steady backing of the Jewish people have used the American democratic process not only in influencing official policies, but also in effective mind- management RECENT events in West Asia leading to the dramatic White House ceremony provide interesting case studies for several concepts used in political analysis, concepts such as realpolitik, terrorism and resource mobilisation. The concept of resource mobilisation became popular in the US in the 70s when several citizen action groups proliferated on a variety of social issues. This concept can be broadened to analyse the actions of the pro-Israeli lobby groups in the US and other parts of the world.

Marx the Journalist

Karl Marx's journalistic writings were characterised by philosophical-analytical insights based chiefly on research using as news pegs general issues affecting societies.

Human Rights and the American Right

Human Rights and the American Right Robi Chakravorti Civil rights issues which dominate the attention of the US media today deal with episodes of unequal treatment of people called "behavioural minorities' or gender discrimination related to 'pursuit of happiness' in certain areas of social life The increasing difficulties of the class and ethnic minorities resulting from the widening gap between the rich and the poor do not cause as much media attention or political excitement.

THE US-Capitalist Democracy and Status of Blacks

Another observation made by the magistrate to discredit Laiq's claim that Qyamuddin did not himself appear in the witness box only on account of the authority and power wielded by the complainant is that the complainant was "not at all in power" in 1989. The fact is that Jagmohan's power grew throughout the 1980s and that towards the end of the decade it ceased to be dependent upon the identity of the party in power at the centre. The turbulence manifested around Turkman Gate in 1976 was later extended to the valley of Kashmir. Circumstances indicate that Jagmohan's reintroduction into the valley was at the behest of the Bharatiya Janata Party, having been presented as a fait accompli, as we now learn, even to George Fernandes, the cabinet minister then concerned with Jammu and Kashmir affairs.


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