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Protective Discrimination in the United States-From DeFunis to Bakke

Protective Discrimination in the United States From DeFunis to Bakke Robert L Hardgrave, Jr The concept of equality which lies at the core of democratic aspirations in the US is, in actual practice, severely restricted; American society remains divided by stark racial inequalities.

Films and Political Consciousness in Tamil Nadu

Films and Political Consciousness in Tamil Nadu Robert L Hardgrave, Jr Anthony C Neidhart The film in South India has been a major hide of the Dravidian movement, and its effect and penetration may be measured in the spectacular rise of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam and in its landslide victory in Tamil Nadu in the 1967 election.

Caste Fission and Fusion

The definition of caste has come increasingly into dispute, its identification with a closed stratification system forming an organic whole is being questioned. The observed process of fission and fusion has broken down castes into new endogamous sub-units and there has been at the same time amalgamation of analogous castes for the acquisition of social and political influence.

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