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UNITED STATES-The New Financial Helotry

The New Financial Helotry Richard Krooth ONCE more in recent history an old question is on the agenda : that of financial emporium, the creation of an imperial helotry. Britain's dominance, long since slipped into the shadows of power, was for a time replaced by America's free flow of finances. But now a new era has dawned, though its silhouette is still only vaguely sketched on the horizon. Hereafter US capital sent abroad will tend to be closely regulated and tied to the destiny of its financiers.

UNITED STATES- America Reconstructed

the option of either reserving his right of suit or inviting the court summarily UNITED STATES to award damages by some rough and ready method once it finds a fundamental right to have been violated.

UNITED STATES-Restructuring American Capitalism

UNITED STATES Restructuring American Capitalism Richard Krooth SINCE about 1971 US capitalism has been in the process of restructuring to deal with the new realities of forced distribution of its previous powers in the economic and financial realm. The sphere of control over finance capital has merged with and become almost indistinguishable from that of production, and both have become enmeshed with lhe sphere of control over the circulation of commodities, services and finance itself. This passage from the mere monopoly stage to one of finance monopoly has been forwarded by the decomposition of the old forms of control over capital and the recomposi- tion of these by assimilation under the aegis of new control centres.

UNITED STATES-Inescapable Dilemmas

BRED of the competitive drive to accumulate, to concentrate and to centralise and control, Us domestic and foreign policies have today locked America into its own imperatives. Technological changes in the deployment of capital and 'know-how' have brought unresolvable breaks in production relationships with a many tiered labour force, and these breaches have been extended beyond the realm of economics into the delicate spheres of ideology, politics and class alliances. What originally were cleavages in production relations have become broad, social divisions. And America is incapable of resolving them within the framework of the inescapable imperatives

UNITED STATES-The Glory of 82

wrestles with problems of identity from the vantage point of a personal crisis in uniquely individual settings. Marathi women writers embrace a broader theme and conceive of identity as a relational and social phenomenon and their attempt is to contour women's identity without excluding man-woman relationship. The third group of women writers constitute the new voices


basic pay scales Disapproving of a payment system dominated by allowances, they demand a linking of the revision of pay scales with duty hours.
Thus, the disagreements and differences in approach and methods of struggle between the different unions on the railways stem to a great extent from their basic position on the payment system and its relevance to a category like the running staff.

UNITED STATES- The American Fallout

October 17-24,-1981 CLASS realignments in America, once mainly a product of the pressures of economic interests, are today the direct result of State policies. President Reagan's budgetary juggling, with its martial logic and an undeveloped sense of human necessity, now promises to favour the nation's military investors at the expense of 80 per cent of the working population making up the foundation of American society.

UNITED STATES-Dancing on a Volcano

September 26, 1981 "WE are dancing on a volcano", the Oomte de Salvandy warned of the coming revolt of the hoi polloi of France at a fete of aristocrats in 1830.

UNITED STATES- America s Predators

August 15, 1981 IF criminals and other predators in American society today are undermining the nation's tranquility, then history will record that the nation's fall in the world marketplace, turn to parasitic arms production and tax breaks for its corporations and conglomerates were the hidden impulses behind them.

UNITED STATES-The New Executive of State

the information required to formulate its strategies.
Executives were advised that local employees are reluctant to supply information that would lead to the local operation being closed down or reduced. Thus unlikely but important events, such as revolutions, are likely to be missed. Iran was much cited in this context. William Ascher, who has recently done country risk evaluations of the Philippines for the World Bank, suggested that corporations would find it "quite useful to get .some sehizophre- nic-paranoiacs'', who read "only the purple prose, to make radical forecasts".


ON the brink of an economic disaster, the US is blithely charging ahead with budget cuts which will likely cause widespread immiseration and tax cuts which will surely lead to spiralling in- flat ion. In taking these steps, America's dilemma is, in a sense, a replay of the classical conundrum faced by early 19th century England, when a nation of producers could not consume the very goods their own hands made. Only now the State, rather than the employer alone, Is the centerpiece for forcing the population below its cost of maintenance, sustenance, and reproduction.


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