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Global Review of Land Reform-A Critical Perspective

A Critical Perspective Rekha Bandyopadhyay It has been found in large number of cases that large farms are more productive than small farms. Technology may be size neutral but access to it may not be size neutral The recent World Bank-IMF structural reform packages which stress maximum exploitation of economies of scale may deploy this argument to justify creation of large farms. Yet, socio-economic equity is as important as improvement in productivity. It would be more appropriate to make available critical inputs like water, technology, marketing knowledge to small farmers and improve production than aggregate small holdings resulting in an increase in landlessness.

Returning Agrarian Reform to Centre-Stage

clarifies about the nature of the main protagonists. More to the point, the pitfalls in trying to analyse the complexities of Bihar's rural violence generated in the course of agrarian struggles are indeed many. The upper caste poor's reluctance to join the camp of the peasant movement can only be partially explained by their caste prejudices towards those lower in the social hierarchy. It has perhaps much more to do with their class position as non-cultivating owners of small parcels of land who find the demand for higher wages detrimental to their interests and are not supposed to benefit from the slogan of 'land to the tillers". On the other hand, they, as owners of property, still continue to identify themselves with their richer caste bretheren and in turn serve as the rural rich's foot-soldiers in varied jobs like perpetrating violence at dalit hamlets as well as polling booths.

Land System in India-A Historical Review

A Historical Review Rekha Bandyopadhyay Hierarchical social structures based on inequality and exploitation have been very much part of land relations in rural India. This paper attemptsa broad historical review of land relations in India from ancient times and exposes the complexities which prevent a change in the existing oppressive socio-economic order.

Land Rights and Land Reform

Land Rights and Land Reform Rekha Bandyopadhyay The Story of Land by John P Powclson; The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

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