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Indian Defence Budget Fact and Fantasy

Indian Defence Budget: Fact and Fantasy Ravi Rikhye The Indian defence budget is rapidly becoming a fantastic wonderland that conceals at least as much as it reveals. And, despite the appearance of containment of defence expenditure in 1989-90, the situation with regard to defence costs is going to get much worse.

How Many Troops in Sri Lanka

Ravi Rikhye India requires a defence consensus at this troubled juncture in its national security affairs. Unless the government comes clean on Sri Lanka there is no chance of building the needed consensus.

Assessing Pakistan s Military Expansion since 1971

Has Pakistan's military expansion since 1971 reduced the military gap between India and Pakistan?
RECENTLY the Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA) was quoted by a national press agency as saying that since 1971 Pakistan's navy has increased by a factor of three, army by a factor of two, and air force by a factor of 1.5. Later, in an article in the Times of India, the air force figure was enhanced to 2.5, and a mention was made of 5,00,000 Pakistan Army reservists. There are three incorrect, misleading, or unsatisfactory aspects of the study and the modifications. These are; (a) The base chosen is without merit for comparative purposes.

Implications of Franco-Pak Mirage Construction Project

November 15, 1975 Consensus could not be arrived at on the role of predictability in social sciences to understand reality. It was, however, generally agreed that the objective is not merely reflectors' reflection of reality. An objective base to understand social reality could be provided by information embodying inconsistency within a series or several series of observations and/or in the sequence of deductions and inferences drawn from the observations. In this respect the inherent limitation of indiscriminate assortment of data and variables, or of mere commonsense thinking, was pointed out. On the other hand, the suggestions were made that (a) theories may be regarded as hypothesis, and (b) conflict not just with 'interest' as the axis but in terms of class conflict may be useful to understand reality.

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