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WEST GERMANY-On the Middle Path

maize and sugar are the foundation of the diet of the black population. They are also major foreign exchange earners for South Africa. Here, in part, lie the roots of black poverty in South Africa. Holders of political power literally siphon food off to foreign markets to buy capital goods

WEST GERMANY-Warming Up to Polls

lines is likely to win the bipartisan support which is needed to break the present deadlock.
In any case, unless there is a concerted effort on the part of the politicians, civil servants, religious and community leaders of all sides to reach a consensus, WEST GERMANY the killings and maimings, presently averaging 11 a week, will continue unabated, causing anger and despair, destroying the social fabric, ruining the economy, and poisoning relations between the young of both sides, while the tiny province is patrolled by 12,000 British troops.

WEST GERMANY-Schmidt Breaks Post-War Taboo

Schmidt Breaks Post-War Taboo Ramesh Jaura CHANCELLOR Helmut Schmidt has broken the post-war taboo, and for the first time publicly owned up to Bonn's leading rob in world affairs. In a long interview to the liberal Cologne daily, Koelner Stadt Anzeiger, Schmidt mid that FRG had acquired a "weight in international concert, which is exceeded only by that of the US". Chancellor Schmidt further pointed out that West Germany was no longer a dependent client and a junior ally of the US. Hence it does not feel obliged to see eye-to-eyg with everything that Washington regards as expedient.

EAST-WEST RELATIONS-Europe s Assigned Role

EGS. Recovery is spread over several years and falls due from the second year after work is completed. What costs have actually been recovered we do not as yet know as the Revenue Department has not been able to issue any figures. What we do know is that by the end of March 1976 for instance some 900 canals and tanks for minor and major irrigation works had been completed and over 2,000 soil conser- vation works as well. By March 1977 the figures for completed works had risen to 1,500 canals, tanks, etc, and over 5,000 soil conservation works. Thus recoveries of costs (except for work carried out in dry farming lands where soil conservation dues are usually waived) should be good but given our general experience with collection of land revenue, etc, it is certainto be minimal, if at all.

WEST GERMANY- Helmut Schmidt in Moscow

WEST GERMANY Helmut Schmidt in Moscow Ramesh Jaura THE West German Chancellor's recent two-day visit to Moscow was not only the most delicate mission in his career, hut also an exceptional act of realpolitik by the government of a country which is bound to the Western alliance and can ill afford to float between East and West, Schmidt's talks on June 30-July 1 with Brezhnev, .Kosygin and his sur- prise meeting with Soviet defence minister Ustinov did not produce any spectacular results. Yet, these were not in vain. At the conclusion of the talks, the Soviet Union let it be known that it was prepared to negotiate with the US on limitation of intermediate range nuclear missiles in Europe, even before the SALT II treaty has been ratified and without NATO dropping its decision last December to modernise its weapons systems. The beginning of preliminary talks on reduction of nuclear arsenal in Europe

Sixth Western Economic Summit

Sixth Western Economic Summit Ramesh Jaura THE sixth non-communist economic summit on June 22 and 23 in the lagoon city of Venice differed from its predecessors at Rambouillet (1975), Puerto Rico (1976), London (1977), Bonn (1978) and Tokyo (1979) particularly in view of the political backdrop which has undergone a radical change in the wake of developments in Afghanistan, The seven leading countries of the West represented at Venice

WEST GERMANY-Riots in Bremen

those most in need. Understandably, Lome II has generated much less enthusiasm than Lome I. Despite its obvious short-comings, ACP countries have endorsed Lome II because in a rapidly worsening international economic situation, any help, even if it is not of the desired type, is better than no help. The EEC understands this very well. According to a spokesman of the EEC, "the thrust of Lome II is to consolidate the grains of Lome I''. Yes, it does help 'consolidate' the partnership of unequals.

WEST GERMANY- West Europe and Afghanistan

West Europe and Afghanistan Ramesh Jaura THE significant difference, in Western view, between the Soviet intervention in Czechoslovakia and Kremlin's invasion of Afghanistan is that while the former was in a neighbouring Warsaw Pact member-state, the latter is in a neighbouring non-aligned developing country, The West is thus willing to openly admit that, despite loud protests nearly a decade ago, for all practical purposes, it does not earnestly challenge the right of a superpower to intervene in a state falling under its tacitly agreed sphere of influence. This is apparently a realistic view which has contributed towards hindering localised wars from spreading out into a world-wide conflagration, in the last thirty-five years. However, from the point of view of realpolitik, the Russian action in Afghanistan should not surprise anyone. The temptation to fill the vacuum created Iiy the erosion of US power was irresistible.


WESTERN EUROPE NATO's New Missile Plan Ramesh Jaura WEST EUROPEAN member-states of the NATO are confronted with one of the most important decisions they ever faced for some years. At a joint meeting of defence and foreign minister in Brussels scheduled for later this month, the Atlantic Alliance will formally decide on installing a new generation of US nuclear missiles in Western Europe from where they could strike at targets in the Soviet Union.

WEST GERMANY- Aftermath of Brezhnev Bombshell

Aftermath of 'Brezhnev Bombshell' Ramesh Jaura THE thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the German Democratic Republic was certainly not expected to go past with a whimper. Nor was it expected to produce the bang of a bombshell. But this is precisely what happened. President Leonid Brezhnev indeed dropped a bombshell by proposing a unilateral reduction of upto 20,000 Soviet troops and tanks in GDR.

WEST GERMANY-Pipe-Dreams of Reunification

four wives. The ward's fears are certainly not unfounded, for the Family Laws Ordinance is under review. The new measures further emphasise the women's inferior status through provisions like the one which makes the evidence of female witnesses unacceptable in courts of law.


the forthcoming fifth UN conference on track and development (UNCTAD V) at Manila to contribute towards further improvement in relations between industrial and underdeveloped countries. At the same time, Bonn is fully aware that the persistent North- South divide cannot be fully bridged. An official position paper states blandly: "It will be difficult to achieve substantial agreement on mast of the issues." Major issues to be negotiated in Manila are: structural changes in the world economy, growing protectionist tendencies, raw materials, the role of IMF, official development assistance (ODA), foreign private investments, indebtedness of under developed countries, code of conduct for transfer of technology, economic co-operation between the underdeveloped countries and the role of UNCTAD vis-a-vis GATT, World Bank and UN organisations like UNIDO.


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