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WEST GERMANY-Offensive on Afghanistan

bills have been further liberalised. Now ministers, the speaker and members of their families need not furnish the prescribed certificate in respect of the claims. These rules are in line with the IAS (Medical Attendance) Rules, 1954, But the legislators, the deputy speaker and the chief whip do not have this privilege. Their claims have to be certified by a government doctor not below the rank of a Civil Assistant Surgeon. (Earlier a Civil Surgeon had to certify the bill.) About the expenditure for treatment abroad, the Act states that "it is not possible to assess the exact expenditure in this behalf, as it connot be anticipated as to how many will avail of this concession...". In- cidentally, two ministers, Mahipal Reddy and R Rajagopal Reddy, have already availed of this concession recently besides, of course, the Chief Minister himself.

WEST GERMANY- Business Ties Inhibit Joining Anti-Libya Sanctions

various investigations. The Morcha members produced the various charters of demands which they had submitted to the representatives of the government, including both the former and the present chief ministers, since January 1985 and also referred to the ongoing struggle of the gas victims for collection of such evidence and subsequent government inaction towards this end thus weakening the victims' case. The Morcha member had further made constructive suggestions tor collecting whatever evidence was still available even at that late stage. These suggestions were submitted to the Director, Claims, in November 1985 through a memo- randum, and, when no positive response was available, were incorporated in a writ petition filed in the M P High Court. These suggestions consisted of opthalmological measuiements to assess damage to the eyes, measurements by an electronic spirometer and pulmonary function machine to assess damage to the respiratory system, exercise tolerence tests to assess the loss of physical capacity, estimation of urinary thiocyanate levels to quantify the levels of cyanide m the body and neurological tests to assess the damage to the nervous system and senses. The lawyers agreed that all such tests would lead to generation of contributory evidence of significant value and opined that any further delay in collecting such data would be harm fillto the interests of the gas victims. It was not however, clear if the US attorneys had in fact advised the government on the crucial relevance of such data and the urgent need to collect the same.

WEST GERMANY-Foreign Policy Revival

for the interests of rail users as for their own; and substantially succeeded in winning public support for their industrial action

WEST EUROPE- New Dimension in Franco-German Ties

August 3, 1985 WEST EUROPE New Dimension in Franco-German Ties Ramesh Jaura THE post-war co-operation between Federal Republic of Germany and France promises to assume significant new dimensions

EUROPE-Bonn-Paris Ties Strained

EUROPE Bonn-Paris Ties Strained Ramesh Jaura NEARLY a year before Helmut Kohl was sworn in as Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany on October 1, 1982, the then opposition leader was presented the book entitled 'The Giant in Fetters" co- edited by this correspondent with colleagues from Austria, USA and USSR. Several contributions in the book highlighted the economic and industrial power of FRG and pinpointed the limitations placed on its room for manoeuvre in East-Wast relations in particular and world affairs in general.

Bonn Economic Summit A Post-Mortem

Soviet trading organisations will succeed in their effort with the engineering industries delegation which was in Moscow during Rajiv Gandhi's visit to the USSR.

WEST GERMANY-Aftermath of Geneva Talks

WEST GERMANY Aftermath of Geneva Talks Ramesh Jaura THE January 8 superpower agreement in Geneva to resume arms control talks has not only revived the disarmament debate in the Federal Republic of Germany but also triggered off speculation about the country's role in the East-West dialogue.

WEST GERMANY-Waiting for Honecker

WEST GERMANY Waiting for Honecker Ramesh Jaura EVEN the opponent of the centre-right coalition government, headed by Chancellor Helmut Kohl, admit that contrary to widespread expectations it has been pursuing "a good and reasonable policy" towards the GDR, the other German state. Instead of adopting a confrontationist approach, as it did while in opposition, the West German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its Bavarian sister Christian Socialist Union (CSU), which are the dominant coalition partners, have pleasantly surprised critics ever since they took over the reins of power in October 1982.

WEST GERMANY-Hectic East-West Contacts

Hectic East-West Contacts Ramesh Jaura THE persistent, hectic, political contacts between the two German states of FRG and GDR have caused concern among their respective smaller allies. The reason: the revival of the phrase 'Wiedervercingung'

WEST GERMANY- Kohl s Moscow Visit

vious Congress(l) government. Notable among them is the agreement signed on December 25, 1982. This agreement concedes a number of cash demands like: (a) for Leave Travel Concession (LTC) claim, deductions for the first 75 kms would not be insisted upon; (b) encashment facility for 30 days' earned leave per annum (it was 15 days earlier); (c) Rs 600 loan facility towards educational expenses of school- going children every year; (d) raising the budget provision for house building advances, marriage loans, advances for purchase of motor cycles, cycles, etc; (e) grant of house rent allowance. (HRA) at 4 per cent in all rural areas; (f) raising of the earned leave accumulation ceiling from six months to nine months; and (g) appointment of a Pay Commission. Of the above, the previous government had implemented only one, viz, earned leave encashment before it was voted out of power in the January poll.

WEST GERMANY-Hope Triumphant

'Hope Triumphant' Ramesh Jaura BOTH East and West have been keenly looking forward to the outcome of the mid-term general elections in West Germany


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