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Cauvery Award

The final order of the Cauvery Tribunal makes allocations of Cauvery waters to the four parties to the dispute, recommends proportionate adjustments in years of low rainfall, and proposes the establishment of a Cauvery Management Board for monitoring the implementation. There is no real basis for concern or dismay in any of the states. The allocation numbers have no great practical significance but what needs to be done is to arrive at an understanding on how water will be shared in distress years. What lies at the heart of this conflict is excessive demand by all the parties.

Towards Good Sense on Mullapperiyar

The Mullapperiyar dam is one of the oldest dams in service in the world. The current dispute between Tamil Nadu and Kerala is not over water but over the safety of the 111-year-old dam. What steps can be taken to resolve this dispute?

Water Resource Management:Some Comments

relevant, circumstance-specific measures, Water Resource Management:
but they do not spell out those measures. They are very good on the questioning of conventional wisdom and on challenging Some Comments RAMASWAMY R IYER Ihave read with great interest the scholarly and powerfully argued article on integrated water resource management (IWRM) and its applicability to India by Tushaar Shah and Barabara van Koppen (S and K) in the EPW (August 5, 2006). Their thesis is plausible, but only partly true, and is open to a number of questions.

Some Constitutional Dilemmas

Should amendments to the Constitution be easy or difficult? How far should interpretations of the Constitution by the judiciary go? Should there be any limits to such interpretation? Is the doctrine of â??basic structureâ? of the Constitution introduced by the Supreme Court a necessary and legitimate innovation? Is â??judicial activismâ? as practised by the Indian judiciary a good thing? Has it gone too far? Is public interest litigation a useful and legitimate device? These are the important questions that this article explores.

CAG of India

The manner in which the comptroller and auditor general is chosen at present is not such as to ensure the selection of an outstandingly able person of great independence and integrity. There is need for an open, objective and credible selection process. A selection committee similar to that laid down for the National Human Rights Commission should be prescribed for the position of CAG. A tentative composition is suggested in this article. It also presents a picture of the kind of CAG we need, proposes a widening of the field of choice and stresses the importance of the professional aspect in selection.

Indus Treaty: A Different View

The Indus Waters Treaty of 1960 has been hailed for decades as a model for conflict-resolution. However, there has always been a measure of dissatisfaction with the treaty for different reasons in both India and Pakistan. In light of the improved political climate and resumption of talks between the two countries, this article finds hope in a constructive and cooperative approach to settle the existing Indus water disputes. It favours a renegotiation of the treaty rather than its abrogation.

Punjab Water Imbroglio

The question whether Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan really require the quantities of water allocated to them under different earlier accords or whether they need still more, needs to be re-examined in an altogether different context. This paper suggests that the needs of all three states can be met with better water management that will not only ensure that the three states manage with less water than they project, it will make the dispute more manageable. But such a move cannot be left entirely to the government; instead civil society should take the initiative.

Lament for a Lost Constitution

Lament for a Lost Constitution Cry of the Indian Republic by R C Jha; Anamaya Publishers, New Delhi, 2004; pp xiv+ 177, price not mentioned.
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