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Power Subsidy for Farm Sector

A response to “Subsidy and Efficiency of Groundwater Use and Power Consumption in Haryana” by Sucha Singh Gill and Kulwant Singh Nehra (EPW22 December 2018) puts to question the conclusions drawn about the effects of “extra” irrigation and the reasons for shift in crop patterns in Haryana.

Crop Residue Burning

A response to “Crop Residue Burning: Solutions Marred by Policy Confusion” (Sucha Singh Gill, EPW, 8 September 2018) discusses how in situ utilisation of crop residue is not only the best option, but also a feasible one, evident in the practices of organic farmers of even Haryana and Punjab, where residue burning is the most prevalent. Off-farm usage of crop residue may be better than burning as it addresses the issue of air pollution, but it is only the second-best option as it leads to soil fertility depletion.

Fourth World: Marxian, Gandhian, Environmental...

The idea of the 'Fourth World' as enunciated by M P Parameswaran, a leading thinker from Kerala, is a new concept of a post-capitalist society. It can form the basis for Marxists, Gandhians, environmentalists, feminists, socialists, dalits and peace activists to work together. It offers a theoretical space for all these movements.

Lijjat and Women?s Empowerment

commission agents. So, the whole organisation is certainly not worked Lijjat and Women

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