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The Indian Diaspora

The two major population estimates of the Indian diaspora in the 21st century are critically examined. Both estimates were made by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, and appear to be definitive documents on the subject. The article also provides a brief historiography of the population estimates of overseas Indians/Indian diaspora since India’s independence.

Communist Theory and Communist Parties

Parties Rajendra Prasad Can the task of interpreting Marx be left only to those who have become theorists by virtue of their control over the communist party apparatus?

Interpreting Marxian Thought

movement per se contains in all nine works by five authors. This is far from convincing. At any rate, not all the model questions raised in the book have been answered by the author. In a review of a book authored by a scholar like Gore, it is rather unfair to mention typographical errors, but when Rosalind O'Hanlon's name is found printed in at least half a dozen different forms, the temptation to do so is too strong to resist. Repetitions in Chapter III, An Interim Review' and in Chapter V, 'A Second Recapitulation' were certainly avoidable. Interestingly enough the author refers to a chart/diagram on 'castes in Maharashtra' (page 6) which should have appeared on the previous page (i e, p 5). But, the chart is placed later at page 12 and readers till then feel totally lost.

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