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Oskar Groening's Case and Its Relevance in the Indian Context

Nazi war criminal Oskar Groening's case revolved around the question, could people who played only an "accessorial role" in the Nazi-ordered genocide, and had not actively killed any prisoner, still be held guilty of a crime? The case is pertinent in the current political climate in India.

When the 'Maoists' Took Over the Streets of Kolkata

Why did the Kamduni incident - the rape and murder of a young college student and the utterly insensitive handling of the issue by the West Bengal government and the ruling Trinamool Congress - spark off such a huge reaction to bring together a wide spectrum of civil society under one umbrella in Kolkata on 21 June?

Death by Smoke

The AMRI crime is an example of how public safety is being repeatedly compromised. More specifically, it demonstrated the dismal trend of healthcare services being offered by "super specialty care" in public-private partnerships, which has raised the cost of medical treatment to exorbitant levels and deprived the poor of even basic treatment.

Women Doing Peace

Women in Peace Politics edited by Paula Banerjee, South Asian Peace Studies: Volume 3 (New Delhi: Sage Publications), 2008;

A Short March through Tonggu

China seems to have moved on. The legacy of Mao Zedong was nowhere to be found in Tonggu, a village in the province of Jiangxi, where there is an impressive museum dedicated to the memory of the Great Helmsman who was once in the village amongst the peasants in 1927.

Why Did Rizwanur Rehman Have to Die?

The manner in which the Kolkata police handled the Rizwanur-Priyanka case smacks of their class, social and communal bias in making marriages made out of personal choice look like illegal activity. Against the backdrop of the Supreme Court judgment of July 2006, which demands the protection of inter-caste and inter-religious marriages, this article exposes the role of the police as a source of harassment.

Deaths under Police Protection

The Calcutta police has come in for severe criticism in the report of the Justice Deb Commission set up to look into the torture and death of the prime suspect in a murder case. Will this at last lead to the investigation of other lock-up deaths as well?

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