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Gandhi in the Company of Western Philosophers

Gandhi and Philosophy: On Theological Anti-Politics by Shaj Mohan and Divya Dwivedi, Foreword by Jean-Luc Nancy, New Delhi: Bloomsbury, 2019; pp i–x, 1–272 , ₹ 799 (hardcover).

Problematising Lived Dalit Experience

If the Indian social sciences represent a "pernicious divide between theoretical brahmins and empirical shudras", should dalits move from poetry which generates inwardness to theory so as to advance the dalit epistemological cause? And are Habermas' views on universalism truly in contrast to the position that only the people who own an experience can theorise about it? This essay argues that the emphasis must be on the search for an authentic space for dalits in poetry instead of attempting to move them into social theory and elucidates the problems related to using Habermas as an illustration of universalism.

Internal Project of Modernity and Post-Colonialism

This essay seeks to point out an important limitation in Edward Said's discourse on colonialism, namely, his failure in recognising the internal tensions within the west, or the internal project of modernity. This limitation, a general characteristic feature pervading post-colonial discourse has its genesis in Said. Explicating the genesis is one of the purposes of this essay.
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