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Right-Wing Defeat in France

Raghu Krishnan The Left victory in France is a defeat for the Right and the neo- liberal project. It creates real opportunities for those seeking a progressive response to the challenges of capitalist globalisation and restructuring, in the European Union and beyond. Failure, however, could pave the way for a defeat of historic proportions.

FRANCE-Preferring Disorder over Injustice

FRANCE Preferring Disorder over Injustice Raghu Krishnan The three-week strike action in Decefnber of rail and public transport workers in France combined with overwhelming opposition to the government's planned social security overhaul and the ensuing protest movement became a generalised revolt against the overall social and economic orientation of government and business in France over the last 15 years.

Journey through America s Backyard

What strikes the traveller in Nicaragua is not only the poverty of the people which in truth has yet to reach 'Indian proportions' but also the chaos and sense of social paralysis. And Nicaragua is a country which is so very 'American' in the proper sense of the term.

Social Explosion in France

Raghu Krishnan The protests of several hundreds of thousands of students, unemployed and semi-employed youth, teachers, trade unionists and social movement activists in March reveal the growing anger with government measures that intensify unemployment and social insecurity, especially among the youth.
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