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Changing Characteristics of Villages in Tamil Nadu

Illustrating the imaginative use of the Primary Census Abstract for Tamil Nadu from the 1991 to 2011 censuses, this paper separates villages that are chronically backward from those that are more developed in terms of demographic and economic characteristics. It also makes use of the data to describe changes in spatial distributions over time.

Socialist Thought in India

Emergence of the Congress Sudhir Chandra The Emergence of the Indian National Congress by S R Mehrotra; Vikas Publications, 1971; pp 461; Rs 60, TILL about a decade back Indian nationalism used to be treated as almost co-extensive with the Indian National Congress. The significant events necessarily preceding it rarely received more than an introductory survey. Application of serious research techniques and efforts in order to understand the nature and course of Indian nationalism, however, has underlined the importance of analysing the background to the Indian National Congress. The result has been a series of books attempting a comprehensive account of the developments that eventually paved the way for the Congress. Mehrotra's is the most exhaustive work in this series.

Prospects for Indian Political Science Research in the Seventies-Work of the ISSRC

tion between 'social' and 'political' is still inadequately developed.
Notes 1 This paper was first written in 1967. It is published here in its original form. I wish to thank the Principal, Delhi College, University of Delhi, for academic leave to conduct, field work on which this paper is based. l am also thankful to Lloyd I Rudolph, Mckim Marriott, and Nur Yalman for helpful suggestions on an earlier draft of this paper. I am, however, alone responsible for the many deficiencies in it.

Western Influences on Gandhi

number, the nuclear families are also oriented to familial obligations like sheltering of dependant relations.
BIBLIOGRAPHY 1 Cohn, Bernard S: "Chamar Family in a North Indian Village; a Structural Contingent'. The Economic

Asian Janus

Asian Janus R Srinivasan Party System and Election Studies, Rajni Kothari and others, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Occasional Papers No 1; Allied Publishers, 1967, pp 294, Rs 20.

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