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Farmers' Suicides in Punjab: A Census Survey of the Two Most Affected Districts

This is a report on the first-ever census survey conducted on suicides by farmers in the two most affected districts of Punjab, Sangrur and Bhatinda. It tries to arrive at the number of farmer suicides, the reasons (whether they were caused by economic distress alone or they were due to the interplay of the forces of economic distress, social conflict, cultural backwardness and lack of community/state support) and also the present economic status of the families of the victims.

Integrated Land and Water Use

The efficient use and management of land and water, along with their conservation, are extremely important for the sustainable growth of any economy. This paper addresses the issue of overexploitation of these natural resources in the Indian Punjab in the quest for higher productivity and income, in total disregard to their sustainability. The paper also spells out the policy agenda, aimed at an integrated system for the use of land and water to ensure the sustainable development of the agricultural sector.

Patterns and Determinants of Agricultural Growth in the Two Punjabs

India and Pakistan are moving towards an era of mutual understanding and economic cooperation. East Punjab in India and west Punjab in Pakistan form the core regions of agriculture in these countries. Though both these Punjabs inherited, by and large, the same kind of resource endowments, the growth performance and its associated problems differed over time due to different set of policies followed in two countries/states. This paper reviews the growth performance in both Punjabs and tries to bring out its determinants. It also tries to delineate the areas of economic cooperation between the two Punjabs to accelerate the pace of economic growth by mutually benefiting from each other's experience.

Factors in Declining Crop Diversification

Agricultural production in Punjab has been characterised by a sharp decline in diversity in the cropping pattern and the emergence of wheat-rice specialisation over the past few decades. This declining diversity has serious repercussions in terms of overuse of natural resources, ecological problems and growing income risk. As diversity in the production pattern declines, variability in the gross value of production also increases.

Punjab : Agricultural Wages and Employment

The introduction of technology has seen a steady decline in demand for human labour on Punjab farms, a process accelerated by the stagnation in overall agricultural growth. Increase in labour demand in the dairy sector has compensated for this fall, but in future the secondary and tertiary sectors will have to grow faster to absorb the state's growing labour force.

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