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Some Aspects of Small Scale Industries in India-Findings Based on Two All-India Sample Surveys

Some Aspects of Small Scale Industries in India Findings Based on Two All-India Sample Surveys R Nagaraj Using two all-India sample surveys, conducted by the Reserve Bank of India and the National Small Industries Corporation, respectively, an attempt has been made in this paper to understand the rate, pattern and characteristics of the growth of small scale industries in India.

Trends in Factory Size in Indian Industry, 1950 to 1980-Some Tentative Inferences

Trends in Factory Size in Indian Industry, 1950 to 1980 Some Tentative Inferences R Nagaraj The average size of manufacturing plant for factory) measured in terms of number of workers employed, has shown a secular decline in practically all industry groups over the period 1950 to 1980, This appears to be very significant not only in itself but also for our understanding of industrial change in India.

Industrial Sub-System of Bangalore

February 2, 1985 Saberwal, Satish: "Mobile Men: Limits to Social Change in Urban Punjab", New Delhi: Vikas.

Sub-contracting in Indian Manufacturing Industries- Analysis, Evidence and Issues

Manufacturing Industries Analysis, Evidence and Issues R Nagaraj This preliminary study, aimed at filling the gap in the understanding of sub-contracting, is concerned with: the meaning of sub-contracting, its distinguishing features, the different forms it takes in different industries and the economic factors and institutional aspects of industrial development that influence its growth. It also includes a brief review of the various relevant government policies formulated over time.

Determinants of Fertiliser Use in Indian Agriculture

Agriculture R Nagaraj 'This paper develops a framework for the analysis of factors affecting fertiliser use in Indian Agriculture, Existing studies are unable to explain the deceleration in fertiliser use and the growing divergence between targets and actual levels of consumption.

Textiles and Industrial Growth

The latest Economic Survey points to a sluggish increase in GNP of only 2 per cent during 1882-83 '(compared to 5.2 per cent in 1981-82) owing to a down-turn in agricultural output and a slower growth in industry. However, while the rate of growth of agricultural output is lower by about 2

Trend Deceleration in Fertiliser Consumption-A Preliminary Exploration

The trend analysis attempted by the author reveals a definite deceleration in aggregate fertiliser consumption since the mid-sixties. These is a wide and diverging gap between the targetted and actual levels of fertiliser use. The deceleration is mainly due to slackening of demand. This paper attempts to explain the observed trend using farm level data for selected districts.


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