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Controlled Cloth Scheme- Quiet Burial

November22, 1975 censists of ten members from each of the six States of Australia. Thus the largest State of New South Wales, with a population of 4.6 million elects ten Senators as does the smallest State, Tasmania' with a population of 390,000, almost one-twelfth that of New South Wales. Various parts of Australia called Territories', including the Australia Capital Territory around Canberra which alone has a population of 144,000, have no representation in the Senate. The Senate does not have the power to originate or amend the budget or appropriation bills, which only the House of Representatives can do, but it can reject or defer consideration of them' Votes polled by contestants in the Senate elections are recorded. In the elections of May 1974, the Labour Party candidates had polled 105,000 more votes than candidates of all the other parties represented in the Senate, but because of the system of each State returning 10 Senators, the Labour Party won only 29 seats in the Senate, the same number as the opposition parties put together. There were two independents, one of whom later joined the opposition Liberal Party, Later a Labour Party member died and, in gross breach of convention, his place was taken by an anti-Labour Senator appointed by the Premier of Queensland.

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