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Multidimensional Deprivation Index and Spatial Clustering

Using a village-level data set, we create an index of multidimensional deprivation for basic amenities available in villages for various states of India and compare the performance of Maharashtra relative to other states. Surprisingly, rural Maharashtra lags behind even the supposedly underdeveloped states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Our index correlates well with numerous development indicators, including newly-born underweight children, per capita consumption, employment, and luminosity of night lights. The paper argues for using the multidimensional deprivation index as a metric for local and regional planning to bring about more equitable public provisioning in basic amenities within the country.


Engel curve Method for Measuring poverty

While the headcount index of poverty in India has fallen, per capita cereal consumption and calorie intake have also decreased. At the poverty line, the minimum calorie requirements used for defining this line in the base year are not being met in later years. While the official poverty line used the food requirement norm from nutrition science, this paper employs the food consumption requirement derived from the Engel curve as the norm to arrive at a measure of food consumption deprivation. It is shown that food deprivation levels do not reflect the same pattern that the traditional poverty indices depict, questioning the usefulness of traditional poverty indices for measuring food deprivation.

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