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The Revolving Door of the IMF/World Bank

The revolving door between financial firms, the US government and the IMF/World Bank, raises a disturbing question about the legitimacy, advisability and appropriateness of allowing senior policy-making officials of the Indian government to immediately take up post-retirement jobs with the IMF/World Bank or with global 'consultants' at huge salaries, or inviting persons who have been working with them to occupy senior policy-making positions in the government.

Supreme Court and PIL

There is now a large body of cases heard in the Supreme Court in which it has been felt that the court has betrayed a lack of sensitivity towards the rights of the poor and disadvantaged sections of society. In several of these the court has hinted at an abuse of public interest litigation. Is this indeed so or has there been a change in the attitude of the apex court towards these cases?

Are Amendments Required in the Anti-Defection Act

Are Amendments Required in the Anti-Defection Act?
Prashant Bhushan There is no easy way to plug all the loopholes in the Anti-Defection Act Every attempt to deal with the problem will create new problems of its own. One thing is clean however; even in cases where the act can work it is not being allowed to work because the adjudicating power has been given to the speaker. The one salutary amendment that is called for in the act, therefore, is to take this power away from the speaker and entrust it to an impartial authority.


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