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The Coal Saga

Pricing, entitlements and allocation need to be looked at carefully in the coal sector if the present mess has to be sorted out. This article proposes certain measures which can break the impasse and argues for a break-up of Coal India into smaller units as a possible solution.

The Coal Saga: the Imminent and the Feasible

It is no longer possible to have a coal sector that is not updated to the needs of the times. Can we make changes that through rules, and given the constraints, minimise the discretion of personalities and carry us towards a more respectable outcome? Here are some proposals.

Decoding the Growth Target

The Planning Commission has announced an average gross domestic product growth target of 8% for the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period. This article disaggregates the 8% growth target into what could be achieved through a business-asusual approach and what would need an added effort. It outlines a simple Cobb-Douglas production function model that decodes India's growth over the last two decades and helps outline alternate paths to the 8% target. The article also discusses a variety of "extreme" paths of growth which depend heavily on one particular input at a time. It then goes on to outline a more plausible and balanced path, and discusses the key challenges surrounding it.

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