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Why India Should Sign CTBT-Returning to Our Own Agenda

Returning to Our Own Agenda Praful Bidwai Achin Vanaik AT the time of writing, it remains uncertain whether or not India will sign the CTBT, A significant section of those who have supported India going openly nuclear are now prepared to go along with the CTBT in return for a behind-the-scenes deal involving the effective lifting of sanctions and greater freedom for India to import dual-use technologies relevant for the continuation and upgradation of its nuclear and missile development programmer After all. accepting the CTBT does not prevent India from going ahead with its current plans to weaponise and deploy a nuclear delivery system or to set up the associated command, control, communications and intelligence networks. For this section of Indian pro-nuclearists. acceptance of the CTBT is the minimum price the Indian government will have to pay if it wants to end its current international political isolation and make some mark as a supposedly responsible de facto nuclear weapons power by involving itself in ongoing international arms restraint activities.

An Open Letter to the Left

An Open Letter to the Left Praful Bidwai Achin Vanaik The mainstream left parties' position on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, either strongly and unreservedly supporting the conservative official stand of the government of India or acquiescing in it, is poorly differentiated from that of the right-wing, communal and militarist BJP. This is deeply distressing.

The End-Game in Geneva-New Delhi Works against Its Own Treaty

The End-Game in Geneva New Delhi Works against Its Own Treaty Praful Bidwai It is totally illegitimate to disconnect New Delhi's external and domestic discourses and support or acquiesce in the government's disingenuous stand at the CTBT talks while domestically opposing pressures for expansion and exercise of the nuclear option The calculations that drive the one are completely identical with those that sustain the other. In fact the debate in influential circles in India is no longer about whether or not to sign the CTBT but, after refusing to sign it, how far to move towards developing and exercising the nuclear option.

E P Thompson s Clones

E P Thompson's Clones Praful Bidwai GOING by some recent developments, it should be evident that we are witnessing the emergence of a new tendency in the country which is deeply concerned about global nuclear disarmament, but which, curiously enough, is virtually silent on the critical issue of South Asia's steady march towards nuclearisation and the imperative need, within a perspective for peace, to halt it.

The Kaiga Story

in Bangladesh, they may be bank agents on bicycles. They may with advantage seek the help and guidance of the local planning authorities, of the local administration and of the panchayats. But in the final analysts, they have to make the loans and to monitor them. The subsidy of 2 per cent has to be earned by them.


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