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Contested Religion, Media, and Culture in India

This paper deals with the contested nature of religion, media, and culture in India. Beginning with an analysis of structural functionalist accounts of an unchanging and essentialised Hindu culture, it explores a key rupture-- the cultural politics of the anti-Brahmin movements in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Turning to accounts of mediated Hindu nationalism, which have provided the bulk of writings on contested religion in India, it argues that the lack of a comparative literature on mediations in minority religions remains a major gap. It concludes with an assessment of new writings on the contested nature of media, religion, and culture in relation to Islam and Christianity in India.

GATS and Trade in Audio-Visuals

The history of negotiations on trade in audio-visuals (AV) at GATS has been complicated with some countries belonging to the EU, France in particular, and Canada adopting a â??cultural exception' clause and calling for trade in AV to be treated differently from trade in other goods and services. The US, as the pre-eminent producer of mass mediated culture, has taken a pro-trade line. India, which is a producer of cultural commodities in its own right, has been forced to open its doors to US film industry not only as a result of GATS, but also as a result of Section 301 measures taken by the USTR.

Linking Pins in a Global World

World Satellites over South Asia: Broadcasting, Culture and the Public Interest by David Page and William Crawley; Sage Publications, New Delhi/ Thousand Oaks, London, 2000; pp 495, Rs 250 (paperback).

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