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Growth and Interstate Disparities in India

This paper offers analytical description of the economic performance of Indian states as reflected in their per capita (net) state domestic product. Statistical analysis of data for the period 1960-61 to 1995-96 shows a clear tendency for Indian states to diverge in per capita SDP, but converge in shares of different sectors in the SDP.

Bank Credit, Output and Bank Deposits in West Bengal and Selected States

West Bengal and Selected States Pranab Kumar Das Pradip Maiti The purpose of this paper is three-fold. First, it analyses the movement of credit-deposit ratios of commercial banks in West Bengal from 1972-73 to 1993-94 and compares these ratios with those for a few selected states. Second, the authors examine to what extent credit advanced by banks has helped economic growth in the state, considering once again the comparable situation in some other states. Finally, the influence of income originating in a state on deposit mobilisation there is explored.

Demand Side Factors and India s Industrial Growth

Pradip Maiti R Kavita Rao Using a dual economy framework, wherein the industrial sector is postulated to face an effective demand problem, the paper proposes to explore the extent to which demand side factors served as a constraint to growth of the Indian industrial sector, over the period of 1960-61 to 1989-90. The main factors considered are growth of agricultural output and of autonomous expenditure as indicators of demand side factors. We have also sought to explore the possibility of changes in the nature of the underlying relationships by using dummies, to demarcate the different sub-periods.

Trends in Level of Living in Urban India

Pradip Maiti Manabendu Chattopadhyay With reference to urban India, this paper examines how absolute levels of living of different groups of the population have been changing over time and whether disparity in levels of living across different groups has worsened Also examined is the incidence of urban poverty over a long period spanning almost four decades.

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