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Utilisation of Indigenous Technology-Organisational and Policy Constraints

Organisational and Policy Constraints Prabir Mitra The appartus of production, development, control and distribution of industrial innovation in India has been worked out on the premise that increased state activity would gradually stimulate: conditions for technological change. The private sector enters the innovation chain mainly as the biggest target con- smner group of state sector-developed industrial innovations. Its constribution to either expenditure or the actual conduct of industrial research is negligible and therefore it has almost no stake in the success of indigenous know-how.

Theory and Practice of Science Policy in India

Prabir Mitra A gap appears to be developing between science policy as reflected in government decisions and its theoretical counterpart. Some recent authoritative studies on the most perennial themes of science policy show a tendency towards disagreement with everything that has gone as theory and policy in the last two decades. It would, however, be relevant to discuss historically the unfolding of these ideas and the major policy issues of the last two decades.

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