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Lukacs or Bakhtin-Some Preliminary Considerations toward a Sociology

Review of Political Economy July 1983 the author's paper, "Financial Oligarchy under Contemporary Capitalism' presented at a seminar on "Lenin and Theories of Imperialism'' in New Delhi in September 1982, Comments received from participants at the seminar, and later on the present version from an unknown referee of this journal, are gratefully acknowledged. The author claims responsibility for all limitations and errors that may have remained in the paper,] 1 'Finance capital' was defined in 1912 as "... capital controlled by banks and employed by indus- tries''. According to Lenin, the notion implied, in addition, "... a concentration of capital, [with] the merging or coalescence of banks with industry". In addition "... the supremacy of finance capital over other forms of capital means the predominance of the rentier and of the financial oligarchy". V I Lenin, "Imperialism", 1914, pp 338-39; Lenin, "Collected

The Moment of Godan

Prabhakara Jha While it is true that Premchand's Godan enjoys a canonical status in modern Indian literature, this canonisation of Godan has always been somewhat problematical. Neither the ideological orientation of the novel nor its formal construction seems to have won the complete approval of the critics.

Western Marxism and Literary Modernism

Prabhakara Jha Soon after the Bolshevik Revolution, there began a confrontation between Marxist precepts on literature and art and the experimental practices of the avant-garde in Soviet Russia. Ever since then, the nature and function of literary modernism has been a major preoccupation of Marxist discourse on literature and has, to a considerable extent,, shaped the contours of recent advances in Marxist literary theory itself.

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