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ICs in Mass Programme Risks Abound

ICs in Mass Programme: Risks Abound Sujit K Das Pijus Kanti Sarkar IRIS KAPIL1 once again stands up for injectable contraceptives (IC) but ignores the questions raised by us2 as regards the safety and feasibility. Surprisingly, Kapil has taken us to task for raising "basic questions about the validity of family planning programmes generally and the integrity of Indian programmes specifically". This is unfair. It was Kapil3 who endeavoured to buttress her advocacy of IC by asserting that FP programme in India was a people's programme. We contested this argument by exposing the class bias and imperialist connection behind the programme and suggested that the question of IC can be debated "on purely medical and administrative grounds". This time Kapil once again raises the issue by arguing that IC belongs to "Family Planning Programme" whereas sterilisation is a part of "Population Control Programme". Observing that few poeple understand the meaning of and the difference between these two programmes, Kapil continues that, for reducing birth rate, non-terminal contraception like IC is far more effective than sterilisation. We find this argument irrelevant and not germane to the issue under debate for the simple reason that IC and sterilisation are not competitive programmes; that target groups for them are quite different

Case for Injectible Contraceptives

Case for Injectible Contraceptives? Sujit K Das Pijus Kanti Sarkar IRIS KAPIL's advocacy of the "Case for Injectible Contraceptives" (EPW, May 11) for Indian women and her opposition to Padma Prakash's position on Depoprovera (EPW, December 8,1984) calls for a rejoinder, Kapil may have unwittingly ventured to tread on risky territory when, in order to build up her case for injectible contraceptives (IC), she puts forward the premise that "most people in India would agree that a well planned, well managed family planning programme is essential to the nation's socio-economic development" Who are these 'most peopled Our teaming millions? If sa, why don't they practise It and speed up socio-economic development? They do not, because, according to Kapil, the safest, most reliable, most convenient contraceptive, the IC, is not available to them.
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