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Vantage View of Growth

January 18, 1969 Bull Inter State Inst, Vol 36, Part 2, pp 71-93.
[18] Mann, Harold H, (1917): "Land and Labour in a Deccan Village" Oxford University Press.

Income Shifts and the Recession-A Rejoinder

Income Shifts and the Recession A Rejoinder IN his comment (August 31, 1968, pp 1341) an my article, (Income Shifts as a Factor in the Recession, Economic and Political Weekly, July 27, pp 1183-1187), Samuel Paul makes three points: First, that the Government's proportionate share in national income has not fallen; secondly, that the decline in private investment is due to the lower return now available on such investment; and thirdly, that agriculture has not been a source of the decline in demand for industrial goods. I take up these points below.

Income Shifts as a Factor in the Recession

There has been a marked shift in distribution of income in favour of the agricultural sector after 1962-63. Since agriculture is taxed relatively less than industry, this has adversely affected Government revenues. In other words, the change in distribution of income has had the effect of reducing, relatively speaking, purchasing power in the hands of government and the non-agricultural sector.

Institutional Appraisal of Projects

Phiroze B Medhora Most medium and large industrial projects have now to take recourse to institutional finance. It is important, therefore, that entrepreneurs appreciate the considerations that influence a financial institution's decision to finance a project. This enables the industrialist to present his proposal effectively and to concentrate on the essential points in his dialogue with the institution.


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