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Pakistan's Army: Divided It Stands

Super-charged and locally bred religious militants in Pakistan have fiercely turned upon their former tutors. The military is now haemorrhaging from these unrelenting attacks. As violence grows, pessimism and despondency have permeated the intelligentsia, prompting a flight out of the country. Pakistan must realise that it is in deep peril because of its past policies. It needs to overcome its unrelenting hatred of India, leave Kashmir as a problem to be solved by the Kashmiris, concentrate upon improving governance and deal politically with the Baluchistan situation. India, through its confrontational policies with Pakistan, shares some responsibility for the present tragic state of affairs. It is therefore incumbent upon India to help Pakistan overcome its difficulties or, at any rate, to refrain from adding to them; this is in India's self-interest.

Jinnah and the Islamic State: Setting the Record Straight

What was Mohammed Ali Jinnah's position on the contentious issue of secularism in Pakistan? What was his stand on Pakistan as an Islamic state? What legacy did he leave for the citizens of his country on a question with which they continue to grapple?

Deference to the Mullahs, Iron Fist for the Rest

Musharraf and his generals are determined to stay in power. They will protect the source of their power (the army); they will accommodate those they must (the Americans); and they will pander to the mullahs. They will crush those who threaten their power and privilege, and ignore the rest.

Waiting for Enlightenment

Pervez Musharraf's call for "enlightened moderation" is a tacit (and welcome) admission that a theocratic Pakistan cannot work. There have been some changes for the good, but the minuses outweigh the pluses. At the heart of Pakistan's problems lies a truth that when a state proclaims a religious identity and mission, it is bound to privilege those who organise religious life and interpret religious text.

South Asia Needs a Bomb-Less Deal

The US-India nuclear accord will exacerbate the arms race between India and Pakistan and threatens to accelerate nuclear weaponisation by both countries. The sane course is for the two countries to negotiate a fissile cut-off pact, which may well create positive ripple effects in China and the US as well.

Pakistan Quake: No Burial for Balakot

The earthquake of October 8 that had its epicentre in Pakistan left tens of thousands dead and many more homeless and destitute. However, the aid pouring in is still too little, often of the wrong kind and not getting to those most affected. The mountains will get their first snowfall in barely two months from now and temperatures will plummet below zero: relief agencies must make reconstruction of homes their primary goal.

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