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Dumont Revisited

Caste, Hierarchy and Individualism: Indian Critiques of Louis Dumont

What Really Causes Fertility Decline

What Really Causes Fertility Decline?
Pauline Kolenda People Who Count: Population and Politics, Women and Children by Dorothy Stein; Earthscan Publications, London, 1995; pp ix + 238;

Micro-Ideology and Micro-Utopia in Khalapur-Changes in the Discourse on Caste over Thirty Years

The caste system has been a major topic for discourse in India throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In the mid-50s the author spent sixteen months on an ethnographic study of Khalapur, a village in western Uttar Pradesh. The issues then were educational and occupational access for low-caste and untouchable people and other practices of untouchability The villagers could not conceive of a society that was not caste-organised and equal treatment was a foreign urban Congress Party issue. Has the discourse about caste changed in the last generation? If so, how?

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