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Failure of Livestock Investments under IRDP-Evidence from Two Villages in Tamil Nadu

Evidence from Two Villages in Tamil Nadu Paul Seabright The evidence of this study suggests that even when subsidies are included, the benefits to households of investing in livestock through the IRDP have been significantly below those to livestock purchased outside the scheme. Depending on the measure used, somewhere between a third and more than a half of IRDP participants in the study villages were actually worse off as a result of their loans (or would have been in the absence of partial write-offs of their dues). This was principally due to higher prices paid by IRDP participants in the livestock markets, prices which were not compensated by higher quality of the animals purchased

Effects of Conflict on Economy in Northern Sri Lanka

Effects of Conflict on Economy in Northern Sri Lanka Paul Seabright The economic effects of disturbances short of full-scale war such as those that currently prevail in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka, extend well beyond those people and institutions directly touched by the violence. This paper examines the economic conditions in the Jaffna peninsula which is connected to the mainland by a single road through which all trade must pass. While the focus of the paper is on the trade and production disruptions and consequent market distortions, it also looks at the macro-economic repercussions of the conflict, such as those arising from Sri Lanka's foreign exchange constraints.

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