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Social Construction of Identity in a Multicultural State

Sikh immigration into Canada, now over a century old, has gone through various phases and shifts as policies towards immigration by successive Canadian governments have seen various modifications. While the Sikhs today constitute a big, easily recognisable community in Canada, indispensable as a vital economic force in the country, they have also tried to construct an 'identity' of their own. The articulation of identity in the case of immigrant Sikhs, however, may not simply be understood in terms of immigrants/host society dichotomy and its dynamics; the internal dynamics of the Sikh community in Canada too need to be considered. This paper also examines the various controversies that arose from the 1970s onwards, which helped define Sikh perceptions about themselves as citizens of modern, multicultural Canada.

Punjabis in Canada

The Making of Little Punjab in Canada: Patterns of Immigration by Archana B Verma; Sage Publications, New Delhi; pp 254, Rs 495.

Punjabis in England

The Punjabi diaspora has flourished in England since the 1920s. Today, change is being pushed forward by younger generation influenced by secular institutions in the host society, despite resistance from the older generation. Continuity is seen in the persistence of caste segmentation. A study in two cities, Birmingham and Leamington Spa, focusing on the experience of ad-dharmis shows that caste continues to have relevance across the community.


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