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Bank 'Gandhigiri', Cashless Hara-kiri in Marathwada

As demonetisation woes deepen, an Osmanabad bank does little to recover Rs. 352 crores owed by two sugar factories, but threatens 20,000 farmers who owe it Rs. 180 crores with public humiliation

The Cashless Economy of Chikalthana

In Chikalthana village, the prime minister’s dream of a cashless economy seems to have been realised. Nobody has any cash.

Source of the rivers, scams of the rulers

 Two-thirds of Maharashtra’s cane is grown in drought-prone regions. As for the sugar factories, “Please don’t call them that,” Mande grumbles. “They are MLA factories – that’s what they produce.”

The Sacred Waters of a Tanker

Rampant deforestation, extensive damming of the rivers, huge diversions of water for industrial projects and even elite resorts can be seen across the state. All these underlie Maharashtra’s terrible water crisis. They won’t get washed away by the monsoon, even if media coverage of it dries up with the onset of the rains.

The Benz and the Banjara

Tractor loans at 15.9 per cent trapped Aurangabad farmers like Hirabai in debt. But Mercedes Benz loans in Aurangabad were going for 7 per cent at the same time. Yet, sales of both were seen as rural progress

Stand with JNU-I: Journalists from JNU

Below are extracts from statements issued by a few groups from all over the world on the events that happened in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, since 10 February.

(i) Journalists from JNU

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