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Census of India, 1981-Organisational Issues

Organisational Issues P Padmanabha The experience of census operations would seem to indicate the need for serious consideration of important issues. For instance, can the census restrict itself to providing a head count and information on the basic characteristics of the population at the smallest administrative level leaving the collection of other more sophisticated aspects to sample surveys and other systems of data gathering?

Integrating Family Welfare and Development Programmes-Some Organisational Considerations

Integrating Family Welfare and Development Programmes Some Organisational Considerations P Padmanabha THE stabilisation of the population was a prime objective of the First Five-Year Plan and the family planning programme has been the most direct public policy measure initiated by the government of India from the early 50s to reduce the rate of population growth. However, the desired results have still to be achieved. It would be uncharitable to say that the family planning programme has not produced any results. Clearly, the programme has provided massive public information on family planning and had an impact on the growth rate. However, as in the case of most of our development performance, much more could have been done. The reasons for not achieving the desired results are many.

Mortality in India-A Note on Trends and Implications

August 7, 1982 tages, Everything shall continue as before; man only Worse than a beast, human only in semblance,

Computerisation of Census Data-Some Considerations

Some Considerations P Padmanabha Computerisation for the processing of Census data has been introduced in stages. It is still open for consideration whether one should or should not process the entire Census data through the computer because this has implications of cost, utilisation of equipment after the peak period of processing is over, whether the data themselves are capable of such sophisticated tabulation and the possibility of over- editing. The 1981 experience would be most useful in providing a feedback on these basic issues.

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