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In Memoriam: K K Subrahmanian

This tribute to K K Subrahmanian, a profound scholar and a wonderful human being, who passed away on 16 October, commemorates his contributions as a teacher, adviser, innovator and a writer. His liberal approach towards sharing knowledge makes him stand head and shoulders above many in terms of the human capital he generated and the social capital he acquired.

Botswana: Growth sans Development

Botswana's economic growth has been unique. It rose from the status of a newly independent underdeveloped state in the 1960s to become one of Africa's fastest growing countries by the 1980s. However, economic growth has not been accompanied by a corresponding improvement in development, especially with regard to education and health. Botswana's economy relies largely on its mineral and cattle wealth and its dependence on South African industry exercises a constraining influence on the country's future growth prospects.

Industrial Clusters under Duress

The industrial pump manufacturing cluster in Tamil Nadu's Coimbatore district has undergone a qualitative transformation under liberalisation. This survey study highlights changes in terms of economic performance; inter-firm linkages; subcontracting networks; commercial links; cooperation and competition between firms and the influence of local institutions. Most changes have resulted from macro-policy changes at a higher level.

Liberalisation and Small Industry-Need for New Growth Strategy in Kerala

The growth of small industry besides resulting in employment-intensive industrialisation and wider dispersal of economic activities ensures the maximum exploitation of latent resources, both human and material in the region. It is necessary, therefore, to design strategies and implement policies and programmes in the states for the growth of small industry in conformity with the ongoing economic reforms. A prerequisite for this exercise is a review of growth performance of the sector This article reports a survey of small industry in Kerala and compares it with the performance of the sector in other major states and with the all-India average.

Sustainability of Dependent Capitalism

Some Lessons from Canada P Mohanan Pillai The ongoing recession and the crisis dimensions that the Canadian economy has reached do not seem to constitute a transitory phase. The present crisis would appear to be the outcome of the cumulative impact of a gamut of structural maladies the economy has inherited on account of the particular development strategy it followed A vicious circle of dependence has developed overtime which seems to be gathering pace among trade and investment dependence, the weak balance of payments, slow growth rate and declining manufacturing productivity in the Canadian economy, this paper is an attempt to understand the nature and significance of the structural features and factors that have contributed to the ongoing crisis in Canada IN the literature on foreign investment Canada once used to be considered a 'miracle' country that prospered by the free flow of foreign capital and foreign technology. However, today the county is referred to with a sense of despair; the image of Canada today is that of an economy pauperised by the same forces which once generated the so-called miracle of prosperity.

On Rehabilitating Gulf Returnees

On Rehabilitating Gulf Returnees P Mohanan Pillai Any project for the rehabilitation of Kuwait returnees in Kerala must integrate the developmental needs of the regions so that targe employment gains can be obtained.

Technology Transformation Role of Pricing

Technology Transformation: Role of Pricing P Mohanan Pillai STRATEGIES for technology transformation in developing countries are widely debated in national and international forums. Governmental intervention in technology acquisition

Whither State Sector Enterprises in Kerala

P Mohanan Pillai This paper summarises the major findings of a larger study on the performance of state sector manufacturing enterprises in Kerala. Why has the financial performance of state sector enterprises been so poor? To answer this question, the capital structure of these enterprises and its implications for their financial viability have been examined. The physical performance of the units on a sample basis has been evaluated and the major problems they confront on the technology front have been briefly discussed. Also examined are the factors responsible for the growing 'sickness' among state sector enterprises.

Age and Productivity of Machine Tools in India

P Mohanan Pillai J Srinivasan Given the capacity utilisation two major factors are alleged to contribute to low poductivity of Indian industries. They are (I) over-manning of the existing capital stock leading to an increase in the capital-labour ratio, and (2) the presence of old capital stock, i e, prolonging the life of capital to the extent of outliving its economic utility. It is because of the latter that the impression that our machine tools are obsolete has received credence though this hypothesis has not been empirically tested. In the light of data provided by the machine tool surveys this paper attempts to determine the age of machine tools in India. Though productivity of this industry is stagnant or falling, Indian machine tools are of relatively newer vintage. This phenomenon of young machine stock and low productivity can be explained in terms of the strategy of diversification, import of technology and organisation of production.

Kerala s Industrial Backwardness- Exploration of Alternative Hypotheses

Kerala's Industrial Backwardness Exploration of Alternative Hypotheses K K Subrahmanian P Mohanan Pillai This paper makes an attempt to identify the weak links in the production structure in Kerala within an interregional frame-work of analysis. The objective of the study is to examine the alternative hypotheses that have been advanced to explain the industrial backwardness of Kerala, In particular, the focus is on examining the empirical basis of the alleged 'inefficiency' of Kerala's industrial system in terms of labour militancy, high wage-cost, and low productivity The aim is to provide an overview oflocalional cost advantage/disadvantage of Kerala by analysing some facets of its industrial structure as compared to that of some developed states and the nation as a whole.

India and World Economy A Search for Self-Reliance-A Comment

India and World Economy: A Search for Self-Reliance A Comment P Mohanan Pillai VIJAY LAXMAN KELKAR, in his article 'India and World Economy; A 1980) euphemistically characterises Indian development experience as one that cannot be described as dependent development. He adds that even if there are some aspects of dependence they may be mild or moderate. Kelkar has reflected ideas that are already gaining ground in official circles


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