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Apologia for Jinnah

Apologia for Jinnah P Kodanda Rao exploiting Hindu-Muslim differences and misgoverning India. In fact Harry Hodgson himself observed that Jinnah was a "conceited person, afraid that events may lose him the power that he craves".

Link Language for India- A Comment

August 24, 1968 gress won 14, the Jharkhand splinter group (contesting as Independents) 8, Jan Sangh 5, Swatantra and SSP one each. In 1962 of the 32 scheduled tribe seats 19 had been won by Jharkhand party and 8 by Swatantra. Congress had then won only 2. There was no clear rural-urban dif- MOHAN Kumaramangalam's views on the Link Language for India (March 30, 1968, pp 527-530) deserve respectful consideration. He noted that according to the 1961 Census, 2.84 per cent of the population spoke the English language, and that, with a view to ensuring that Indian democracy functioned effectively, it was necessary that the "regional'' languages should bt speedily "developed".

Hindi as Link Language-A Comment

A Comment IN his scholarly article "Hindi as Link Language" (February 10, 1968) Baldev Raj Nayar concludes that Hindi can become the link language of India even without official patronage, propaganda and pressure, because it happens to be the mother-tongue of the largest single linguistic unit and so it pays non-Hindi people to learn it for economic advantage (apart from literary artistic and entertainment considerations). He has, however, conceded that these considerations would not guarantee for Hindi the full-fledged status of the sole official language, for that depends on many other factors. It is hoped that he will examine the other factors, of which some arc mentioned below, if he has not done so already.

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