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Teaching Sociology in India

interrogate all these important issues in a The Practice of Sociology, Maitrayee Chaudhury (ed); Orient Longman, New Delhi, 2003;
P G JOGDAND This edited volume consists of 15 articles including an exhaustive introduction by the editor. The opening remarks of the book make it amply clear as to how there was a felt need to examine the practice of sociology in India. It has been observed that something was missing when we teach this discipline in the classroom. There is no connection between the subject of sociology taught to the students and the everyday social reality they live in. There is a vast difference between theory and practice. Many issues have been discussed in this volume such as the relevance of sociology, its image, employment opportunities, the relationship between sociology, society and the self, theory and reality, etc. And to address these issues the contributors have drawn their analysis from close interactions with students. The syllabus that is being framed, the intellectual legacy and pedagogy adopted, and the relationship between the teacher and the students

Reservation in Private Sector

While it is true that the Maharashtra government had the coming elections in view when it passed the new act making reservations mandatory in the private sector, the act itself deserves to be viewed without prejudice and bias.

RPI-Congress Alliance Softer Option

Xiaohua Zhu WITH the execution of Karla Tucker in Texas at the beginning of February, the campaign against the death penalty became most vociferous. Many religious and state leaders expressed adamant opposition to her execution and to the capital punishment in general. Major newspapers carried the story on the from page. People from various countries and background including certain relatives of Tucker's victims also pleaded for clemency for her and for the abolition of the death penalty. In view of the high emotions on this issue, it is necessary to put the controversy on the death penalty into perspective.

Dalits in Maharashtra-Challenges Ahead

The disunity among dalits on various fronts is proving to be a major hurdle in voicing their unanimous protest against the present trend of privatisation of Indian economy and hinduisation of Indian polity.

Ambedkar in the Present Context

Khrushchev, he was critical of Stalinism. He also traced the roots of "ossification of social thought" back to Stalinist period. But he could not trace the links between Stalinism and Lenin who had actually established Bolshevik organisational principles. For, Gorbachev was only a partially emancipated member of the hegemonised universe. Hence he could not grasp the painful reality that the bane lies in the very foundations of the universe. And Lenin was the founder as well as an integral part of those foundations.

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